Habu Yarn Sampler No. 4 | Kibiso & More

Please kindly note. The charcoal color of A-15 has run out, so we are substituting it with orange.

Kibiso is a recycled silk yarn. It is spun from the fuzzy stuff (... that is all I can call it...), which needs to be yanked off from the surface of each cocoon before reeling. Because it is undegummed, the yarn feels tough and wiry. It does eventually soften as you wash and handle the yarn. An extremely interesting tops or art pieces have been created with them.

This sampler focuses on Kibiso silks and also other silks, which carry a similar feel to it. They are a full of charachter. 

What is included are approx. 5-7 gm. of:

N-63B white Kibiso
N-63 dyed Kibiso
N-64 heavy Kibiso
A-15 tokken naturally dyed silk
A-22 silk gima
A-165 tokken silk

The package will come with an explanation on each yarn. 

Be careful! They may "bounce" out of the bag when you open. 

Please note that the colors you see on the screen may not be accurate as each monitor displays differently. Thank you for your understanding.
content: silk
approx. dimensions for M size: not applicable
pattern source: Habu Textiles