Habu Yarn Sampler No. 5 | Wrap Yarns

Over the years, we have created quite a few different wrap yarns.

But all yarns are basically some kind of a wrap yarn. It is just a matter of choosing different material with different wrap and also what kind of interval we specify for the wrap. This wrapping is a very traditional method of making a cord or a kumihimo in Japan. Many modern yarns are created based on a very old technique!

This sampler includes 5-7 gm. of 6 different types of yarns in silks, cotton and wool. 

A-110 tsumugi 9P
A-111 tsumugi 3P
N-80 merino 4P
A-142 tassar silk
A-184 cotton wrap
N-94 paper wrap

Please try using them by switching back and forth within the fabric.

Please note that the colors you see on the screen may not be accurate as each monitor displays differently. Thank you for your understanding.
content: silk, cotton, wool
approx. dimensions for M size: not applicable
pattern source: Habu Textiles